What CoPsyCon does and does not do

Currently, US democracy is under attack by malicious actors using technological tools to promote disinformation for the purpose of coordinating and controlling a significant subset of the population as a weaponized demographic. CoPsyCon will conduct research and development to build a technical and psychological knowledgebase of expertise on this attack vector, and develop tools to disrupt the effectiveness of this attack against democracy by disrupting the malicious actor’s ability to coordinate and control their victims.

What CoPsyCon does:
Develop expertise on the technical and psychological process of controlling and coordinating a weaonized demographic, and disrupt this at the process level, regardless of the specific malicious actor’s goals
Research the origin, characteristics, and propagation vectors of the memes used in this type of attack
Develop a combined technological and psychological model of the attack
Develop automated monitoring tools to enable a realtime dashboard monitor for similar attacks
Develop memetics/counter-psyops protocols for building counter-deza memes that will be effective at diluting and disrupting the monolithic deza meme signals used in the attacks
Develop technological tools to inject counter-deza memes ahead of a deza meme attack to dilute and disrupt the ability of the attack to control a weaponized demographic.
Apply this shield in an unbiased and neutral manner.
Equally counter foreign and domestic origins of attacks
Equally counter threats that originate from nation-states, non-state entities, powerful individuals, or loose ad-hoc collections of aligned interests
Operate with as much transparency as possible
Support rule of law, democracy, and all of the institutions that define and protect America


What CoPsyCon does not do:
Diverge from its focused mission
Advocate for political positions, issues or parties
Focus on prosecution of specific malicious actors
Use or advocate defenses based on banning, blocking, censoring, etc. of any communication channel, entity, idea, etc.
Evaluate or judge beliefs or values on any basis other than how those beliefs and values contribute to susceptibility to the threat of coordinated deza-meme attacks
Manipulate population beliefs and values in any way other than as an unavoidable side effect of our core mission of disruption of coordinated deza-meme attacks
Believe that this type of attack is uniquely used by Russia, or any other specific entity
Discriminate against groups or individuals on the basis of any criterion other than those that are logically necessary for our mission



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