Work Outline: first draft

This is a draft of the technical work plan for CoPsyCon.
Phase I. Observation and measurement of deza (disinformation) psyops
a) Retrospective timeline scans: Compile Twitter archive and Google Trends data. Identify and analyze info-deza event pairs, i.e. critical information events or “breaking news”, followed by triggered deza campaign. Describe technical patterns and processes of disinformation promulgation. Describe psychological patterns of deza memes. Identify deza origins, if possible.
b) Real-time feed scans: Set up server to monitor live feeds. Identify and analyze info-deza event pairs in near-real time.
Phase II. Counter-deza meme development (depends on the above)
a) Soft broadcast test: Compose counter-deza memes and measure propagation in the wild
b) Hard broadcast test: Hire botnets and measure counter-deza meme propagation in the wild with amplification.
c) Field test: Wait for critical information events and measure propagation of counter-deza memes in live “combat zone”
Phase III. Active counter-psyops deployment
a) Develop metrics for effectiveness of defenses.
b) Iterative development cycle of refining deza identification and counter-deza meme development.
c) Report results and coordinate with authorities.

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