4chan, 8chan stop using bots to suppress anti-Trump threads

Up until recently, any anti-Trump threads started on 4chan or 8chan would be suppressed by accounts, presumably automated, that would flood the thread with noise, often images of Asian women.





Here, the posters are familiar with the phenomenon and are posting stereotyped anti-Trump comments on purpose, hoping to see pictures of Asian women:


But here is a current thread, started today, Monday, July 31, 2017, with unrestrained anti-Trump sentiment:


This may represent an incident of bots and other automated systems used as a meme warfare tactic to control the political narrative in a specific venue. The cessation of this tactic here may be related to some shift in political climate. Indeed, it comes at the same time the Russian government announced their disappointment in the Trump administration over new sanctions.

This switch in automated suppression affords an opportunity to study the effect of such suppression on the social/political dynamics in the affected forum. CoPsyCon will be observing and studying this as it unfolds.





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