Frank Heidt, Senior Security Advisor, Member, Board of Directors


Frank Heidt is Founder and CEO of Leviathan Security.  As the creator of Leviathan’s innovative business structure, Frank Heidt is responsible for designing Leviathan and bringing together security professionals with diverse backgrounds from premier consultancies, industries, and government agencies.

Frank is a recognized expert in the fields of information assurance, network security, and systems penetration. Prior to forming Leviathan, Frank was a Managing Security Architect for @stake and headed up their Pacific Northwest practice. He also engaged in various computer security related work for the Department of Defense. In his capacity as one of the DOD’s civilian Information Systems Security Officers (ISSO), he was responsible for securing several large networks for the Department of the Navy.

Frank has been a Visiting Lecturer at the United States Army War College, the United States Navy War College, and the Naval Post Graduate School on the subject of defensive information warfare and military computer systems security.

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